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What are the web browser requirements for is best viewed with IE8, Firefox 3.5, Chrome 12, Safari 4 (or higher versions of these browsers). If you have an older version, please visit the official website of your preferred browser to download an upgrade. The site is also designed to be viewed on at least an 1024x768 pixel display. Check your monitor's settings to adjust your resolution if you can only see a portion of the page in your browser window.
Which plug-ins are required while browsing
Plug-ins are additional software programs that enhance your experience by allowing you to play games, clips, web shows and other content featured on

GAMES require Shockwave and Flash. You can download the free Shockwave plug-in now, or download the free Flash plug-in now.

Many of our downloadable files--such as icons, screensavers and wallpaper--are compressed to reduce download times. To open these files, you will need a decompression program:

PC users: If you do not already have WINZIP, you can download the free trial software here.

Mac users: If you do not already have STUFFIT EXPANDER, the latest version is available for free download here.

What hardware suggestions do you have for me to properly enjoy works best on computers with faster processors, but any computer capable of running your preferred web browser software is more than adequate to enjoy the site.

High-speed connections such as DSL, cable modems or other broadband services allow you to load games, clips and other content at much faster speeds than a dial-up modem. Please contact your local Internet provider for information about high-speed access in your area.