Camp Lazlo


A fun-loving, free-wheeling monkey, Lazlo is one happy camper. But with all the rules, routine and structure of Camp Kidney, Lazlo and his friends have a hard time fitting in.


One of Lazlo’s bunkmates at Camp Kidney, Raj is an elephant with some hang-ups. He hates a mess, cowers from snakes and bugs, and is afraid of being alone--perfect for summer camp!


The third member of the Jelly Cabin trio, Clam is a quirky, albino pygmy rhino. While he seems to be "four cents short of a nickel," Clam is actually a musical and academic genius and is often misunderstood by others.

Camp Lazlo

Camp Kidney used to be a peaceful place where bored young Bean Scouts spent their boring summers obeying the rules being obediently bored. Then Lazlo turned up.