Max Steel

Max Steel

When teenager Maxwell McGrath’s powerful Turbo Energy combines with alien Steel’s transformative technological abilities, they can assume incredible Turbo Modes (Strength, Flight and Speed) and turbofy special weapons and vehicles.


A.K.A. N’BARO AKSTTEEL X377 Not a machine or a robot, Steel is a highly advanced, technology-based alien life form. Steel can only function on Turbo Energy and there is no source of this power on Earth… until Maxwell McGrath started generating it!


Engineered by N-Tek’s boy genius, Roberto ‘Berto’ Martinez to support Max Steel on hazardous battle missions, CY.T.R.O. is a cybernetically remote-controlled robotic battle construct.

Miles Dredd

Miles Dredd is Max Steel’s deadliest foe. Along with Jim McGrath (Max’s father) and Forge Ferrus, Dredd was one of the co-founders of N-Tek.


A.K.A TROY WINTER When hardened criminal, Troy Winter, bonds with a severely damaged Ultralink, the result is Extroyer, an unpredictable and volatile villain who can temporarily absorb and weaponize the traits of any animal he touches!


A.K.A. DR. TYTUS OCTAVIUS XANDER Dr. Tytus Octavius Xander set out to bio-engineer a unique strain of bacteria that would consume various toxins and render them inert.

Max Steel

A high-octane, action-packed superhero series about the epic adventures of earthbound teenager Maxwell McGrath and his out-of-this-world friend Steel. On his sixteenth birthday, Maxwell learns that he has the ability to generate TURBO ENERGY, the most powerful energy in the universe.